Sep 21, 2008

One Week Before Burning Life!

Here are some snapshots of my Burning Life theme camp.

This is the main stage.
I added loudspeakers in front of it
to make the live more realistic.
And I employed new synthesizers,
KORG OASYS and MiniMoog.
The picture also shows the message board
and an automatic announcement board
I wrote about before.

In the center of the tent stands a large tree.
On the ground is a large texture of our planet earth
and on the ceiling are the stars in the universe.
So the tree is the Cosmic Tree with its root in the African continent
connecting heaven and earth.

All the living creatures including us
are the cosmic existence.
I'm making music celebrating life and universe
as a promotion music of my theme camp.
I hope you'll hear it as soon as possible.

Yes! Please find SLURL of my theme camp as follows:

For the present, the sim is restricted to the registered avatars only,
but I'll give the opening live performance at 8:00 am SLT September 27,
So please come and enjoy the show.
And for more events,
please keep your eyes on my updates, thank you!

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