Sep 14, 2008

Preparation for Burning Life

Hi, Hiroshi again!
Now I've done with my work
in the core system of my theme camp at Burning Life.
Let me tell you about it.

The name of my theme camp is
"Love & Peace Message Camp."
It is an event made with my music
and words from the participants of the camp.

Entering my tent, first you'll find a large screen 12 m by 9 m.
And then, as my friend naturalway Flow notices,
a red block will come into your eyes.
This object, in fact, is a post.

Make a new notecard, write your message in it
putting your name as its file name,
drop the notecard onto the post
and then your message will appear on the screen with your name!

And more!
The messages shown on the screen
appear as articles in this blog.
The message you post in Second Life
is shared not only by the audience of my event
but also by the people all the world over
through world wide web.

At my camp, inspired by the posted messages,
I'll play music on improvisation.
I'll put a link to my live streaming server in this blog
so the message of words and music is shared
by out-world people as well as by in-world avatars.

Love and peace are the universal values
we all have long been wishing for
irrespective of whatever nationality, race, religion, belief,
sex or language each one of us belongs to.
Messages longing for love and peace
incorporated by the participants' words and by my music
will be delivered from this camp in Second Life to the real world,
thus contributing to the realization of love and peace.

Well, now, let me take this opportunity
of asking you to send your message of love and peace in advance.
It would be highly appreciated if you could send them
to Hiroshi Kumaki in Second Life by notecard.

Well, now the core system of my event has been finished,
I'll go on to the information boards and other stuffs then.
Please keep your eyes on my updates, thank you!

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