Mar 12, 2011

Hiroshi Is Here, Safe and Alive!

It was really a big earthquake.
Living in Tokyo for more than a score of years,
it was the biggest earthquake I have ever experienced.

When it struck us, I was a moderator of a telephone conference
with an overseas branch of the company I work for.
I continued the meeting, explaining what was happening
in our Tokyo office to the party on the other end of the line.
Later, one of my colleague in Tokyo made a phone call
to the branch, she was surprised
because they knew the situation in Tokyo very well.
They said to her, "Because Hiroshi was broadcasting live!" lol

It was not until 8:00 pm JST I sent mails to my family
and to my friends after working very busy
on securing the safety of our staff
and coordinating business matters.

I was wondering whether I should stay in the office
which is air-conditioned and full of instant foods
or I should walk home because all the trains in Tokyo stopped.
But the train I take began to run about 11:00 pm,
so I returned home safe.

As I imagined, my favorite CDs stucked high on a shelf
were scattered on the floor.
But there were no trouble with my home.
So I think I can sleep well tonight.

Now please be reassured Hiroshi is safe at home.
And I wish all my friends for their safety.