Jun 7, 2009

Media & Music URL Set

There's 16-hour time difference between California and Japan.
So, before I went to bed yesterday, I sent a notecard
to Poid Maholvich, SIM coordinator in charge of Dimension,
asking him to set Media & Music URL as I wanted it to be.
When I woke up I found IM from him and URLs had been set
as I asked. Thanks, Poid! :)

As it seems impossible to change Music URL by myself,
I ordered AutoDJ service in addition to the streaming server.
AutoDJ activates my streaming server
and plays the playlist automatically and repeatedly.
This enables me, by using the same streaming server,
to stream my live performance when I'm logged in
and to broadcast my playlist when I'm away.
Isn't it nice? :)

As for Media, the following movie is played in my place.
This is the one in which I made a improvisational session
with naturalway Flow's Music StarMine:

To tell the truth, I would like to make an original video for SL6B,
if the time permits!
But, well, I don't know, for now....

The picture above is the present building of my place.
But I might change the appearance as well as scripts.
I don't know myself how it will look in the end.

Well, when I was working, I got an IM,
telling me I was not showing SL6B Exhibitor group tag
and that it would cause me some trouble.
No! I forgot to change it
because I was building at SilkRoad SIM until late last night!
Thank you so much for reminding me!

The guy was Kolor Fall, my neighbor at Dimension.
Yes, I noticed a group of cell-like objects
was gleaming and moving, like an organic being.
He told me he had already finished his work. Wow!

On the face of his place, there is a monolithic plate
and you can draw anything by left-clicking and dragging.
He showed me how to do it by drawing my name "HIRO,"
when a group of cell-like objects began to move....
The objects takes the forms as it appears on the plate,
which means...I found a very tall monument - 400m high! -
in the form of my name! lol

Isn't it fun?
I was very much impressed by his work
and found something in common with mine.
Then, what is my exhibition like?
Well, that's a secret now.
Please check this blog and you will know. :)

Jun 4, 2009

Now I Got the Notice!

Today I got a mail from Dusty Linden
telling me mine has been selected for the exhibition
at Second Life 6th Birthday.
naturalway Flow has also received the mail,
so the two of us will be able to give shows
in the parcel allotted to us....

Well, originally the notice was to come on 1st June.
but in the afternoon of that day, Dusty announced
it was rescheduled to 3rd.
But it would not seem to come
even it was 5:00 pm...and then 8:00 pm....
As the notice was said to be sent to those
who were admitted to exhibit,
I was not sure about the status
whether I was not admitted
or it was only a delay again....
I almost gave up waiting for the notice. :(

And then, about 10:00 pm, it finally came!
I was at work then (because it was 2:00 pm in Japan!)
so I was so anxious to go home
and rush to my land.
But the notice also told me
it would take a couple of days more
for them to allot which parcel to whom!

Oh, they make me wait again....
But well, it's okay now I know they've been working hard
until, rather, past 10:00 pm!
As soon as I got detailed information from them,
I'll update this blog explaining about my exhibition. :)