Nov 17, 2018

(Live Info) Hiroshi Kumaki & Kerupa Flow "Sounds in Colors II" on Sunday, 11/18

To celebrate the opening of Kerupa Flow's new exhibition 
"If the Mind is Absent 2: Rising from Mud",
Hiroshi Kumaki will give an improvisation concert
interacting with Kerupa Flow's visual effects.

This is a sequel to "Sounds in Colors" that took place 5 years ago
which was called "a jam session of music and light."
Hiroshi will improvise music inspired by Kerupa's visuals
and Kerupa will improvise visuals inspired by Hiroshi's music.
Even Hiroshi nor Kerupa does not know what will happen at the event.
Do not miss this singular experience!


Date and time:
Sunday, 11/18/2018 5:00 AM PST (22:00 JST)

Kerupa Flow's new exhibition "If the Mind is Absent 2: Rising from Mud" in LEA9