Sep 10, 2009

Applied for a Theme Camp!

As I wrote in a previous article,
I applied for live performance at Burning Life '09.
But I was sort of reluctant to apply for a Theme Camp.
I did what I really wanted to do in Burning Life last year
and Second Life 6th Birthday.
As a creator, I do not want to do the same old things….
Something new…oh, that does not comes to my mind these days.

It was one of those days winds Seiling,
captain of Yokohama Marching Band proposed me
we should do something together at Burning Life.
Collaboration? Yes! That will make something new!
I accepted her offer, had a meeting with her and her staff,
then my brains began working
and I felt something wonderful would happen.

Next morning I woke up with a very strange image
and a sound of music I know very well.
Confused about the combination of the image and the music,
I told winds about this.
She seemed to think it was interesting
and told me she had imagined similar combination before.
All right. This means "Go!"
I quickly posted our application for a Theme Camp
under the title "Yokohama 'Burning' Marching Band."
What will it be like?
I will tell you when we are granted our land. :)
Please pray for us getting our Theme Camp
and look forward to our performance.

We will, we will burn you!!

[Yokohama Marching Band Official Blog]

Sep 5, 2009

Applied for Live Performance

As a live musician, I applied for performance
at stages of Buring Life '09.
I'm not sure what my schedule will be at last
and whether it will be the Center Camp or
Tokyo Plaza or whatever,
but anyway, I have decided to play at Buring Life this year.

I hope we will have good times together there!