Mar 28, 2010

Thank you very much for coming to our show in Spring Fling!

Thank you very much!
We received a lot of audiences in our session in Burning Life Spring Fling.
I appreciate so much to those who cheered for us.
I was so excited.

As this was a spring festivity and as we are Japanese,
we were dressed in Japanese kimono and planted cherry trees on the stage. lol
Because, you know, the name of winds Seiling's band is SAKURA,
meaning cherry blossoms. :-)


Yeah, I was so excited I shouted "Good morning, America!"
at the beginning of the concert though it was past 10 o'clock in the evening.
It is because I often give my gig when it is in the morning in U.S.A.
and in the evening in Japan and also because the environment setting was midday. lol
So everybody laughed and I laughed myself and got relaxed to play my music.

Please find below the members of our band and the music we played:

winds Seiling (cl, eg)
Cimon Cham (tp)
strawberry2banana Azalee (b)
aoi Bing (ds)
Hiroshi Kumaki (pf, key)

1. Sakura Metropolitan
2. Someone to Watch Over Me
3. It's Only a Paper Moon
4. Platanus Avenue
5. Renka (Love Songs)
6. Sailing
7. Call for Peace
8. Rez Yourself (Theme from Second Life)

I'm very happy every one of you enjoyed our music
and very much pleased to be a part of this international event.
Thanks again to all those who enjoyed our performance. :)