Sep 20, 2008

Automatic announcement board

Another update of my Burning Life theme camp.... :D

Suggested by hiromitsu Fall's automatic announcement script,
I set up two automatic announcement boards
inside my theme camp tent.
This announcement board shows the information as a floating text,
and besides, it SAYS the information reminding the audience of it
repeatedly in the time interval set by the owner.
In the real life event, we often hear the announcement made repeatedly.
My announcement board make it possible in a automatic way.
I do not have my own event crew and I'm so busy during the show
I made this scripted object. :)

Touch the announcement board and a dialog appears.
You'll find buttons to change colors, repeat time intervals
and message modes.

Information has to be written in a inventory notecard in advance.
You can show the whole information
or show lines one by one by alternating the message modes.
The second snapshot shows the message in "Separate" mode
and the third in "Whole" mode.

Only one week is left until Burning Life.
Now I'm going to make a promotion video for my theme camp.
I'll show it on this blog,
so please keep your eyes on my updates, thank you!

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