Oct 3, 2010


The sims of Paris are very beautiful places
with their realistic buildings and city plans.
The Eiffle Tower and the Arch of Triumph
are the good places to visit with your friends and lovers.

And if you turn left around the corner of the Arch
and go along the street, you'll find an musical instrument shop
with a poster of a band marching on.
Yes, this is a new and first shop of winds Seiling in Paris!

One of the administrators of these sims seems to like her shop.
And if things goes well, we might have concerts or events here in Paris!
Wow! It will be a fun to play in a very place place like this.
This afternoon, I walked down the streets and saw the concert venues
with winds and other frinds of ours. We had a a very good time there.

So please wait and see what happens next...in Paris!

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