Aug 25, 2008

Dear Ol' Tree

It was a strange day.
I don't know why but I got several object returns today.
One of them was from famous glia Winkler!
Oh my god! What on earth is going on?

It was a tree I planted in her Hachikoku yama Island for fund raising.
The staff of the Island also sent me a notecard
in which they thanked those who cooperated in fund raising
and told them they had returned the trees to the owners
because the Island would be on a renewal process....

The returned tree is a very precious one to me.
I planted this tree side by side with the ones
of Sena Pinklady and Leoleo Ling, my best friends.
When I felt lonely and blue, I would visit Hachikoku yama Island
and see our trees, talking to them....

I took out the tree out of my "Lost and Found"
and planted onto my parcel.
It seems to have grown bigger,
but I wish it would grow much bigger,
as our dreams continue to grow forever....

I take it back into my inventory again.
As the tree is a precious one,
I would like to plant it and grow it in the right place.

Thanks, glia Winkler and all othe staff of Hachikoku yama Island.
I will visit the Island again when the renewal is done.

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