Jul 28, 2013

Final Day of Sound Camp: Starts at 6:00 AM PDT Today!


The second day of Sound Camp 2013 saw RMO, REI-GIRO and mk2SR
and all those units proved their music is very stylish
and their talk is pleasing and sometimes makes us laugh.
As the musicians who appeared on Day 1,
they did attract the hearts of the audiences every minute of the show.

And today is the final day.
I will also play in the time slot between TAKUMA, vocalist of GA-GO,
and weiß, masa Homewood's project synchronized with dance performance:
both of them are one of the greatest musician in the SL music in Japan.
So don't miss those shows.
I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

>> Sound Camp 2013: Final Day
- Date and Time: 6:00 - 8:30 am PDT, Sunday July 28, 2013

- Place: Sound Camp 2013 Area, Aria West

- Performers:
6:00 - 6:50 am PDT TAKUMA (GA-GO)
6:50 - 7:40 am PDT Hiroshi Kumaki (It's me. ;-)
7:40 - 8:30 am PDT weiß

- Ustream live broadcast available:

- Event official site (Japanese only):

- Note: Aria West is a Magnum region, to which Server Side Appearance
has been applied.  Please never fail to join the event with the SL viewer
that supports SSA functionality.

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