Feb 19, 2011

Tonight with MAO & genta!

MAO Lisle and genta Zabelin are those of the best DJs in Japan.
Their spin is awesome and full of fun as well.
So I often ask them to appear at my shows especially in Burning Life.

And tonight...rather this morning at 5:30 am SLT,
these two DJs will play successively at Club Tonbo.
Don't miss it!

Date and time: 5:30 am SLT Saturday Feb.19 2010
Place: Club Tonbo

Feb 15, 2011

Signed in Avination

First of all, it was yumix Writer.
She wrote in her diary that she bought another sim.
It was not until I read the detail I found it was not about Second Life
but about Avination, another virtual world based on OpenSim.

Yes, I remember.
Haruki Yifu recently wrote about Avination consecutively.
So the name was recorded in my mind.
I thought yumix's buying a land in Avination
would attract many Japanese residents in Second Life....

Then, it was winds Seiling.
She also wrote in her diary that she made a foot spa
in the land yumix bought.

Yes, I remember.
In 2007 many Japanese people signed in Second Life
and gathered at a foot spa in Ikebukuro.
(The foot spa in Ikebukuro is still one of the most crowded hangaout.
It's called "Ashiyu" in Japanese.)
I thought winds making a foot spa
would attract even more Japanese residents in Second Life.

And finally, yumix uploaded a video about her land in Avination on YouTube.
Seeing the video, I found many people I know well.
They were playing very happily.
Yes, seeing the video, I could not but sign in Avination. lol

But, logging in Avination, I found many beautiful ladies there
and the default avatar of mine was so clunky
I went for shopping to buy my shape, skin, hair and, of course, outfits.
And here's my picture in Avination. lol


Thus my days in Avination have begun.

Feb 13, 2011

[Live Event] Valentine's Day Live at 5:00 am SLT

On Sunday before Valentine's Day,
I will play and sing songs of love
at a beautiful aquarium in the sky.

Two hours to go and please take your time
listening to my music. :)
I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


Hiroshi Kumaki Valentine's Day Live
Date and Time: 5:00 am SLT Sun Feb.13 2011
Place: Aquarium Cosmic Tree, Exhara
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Exhara/31/198/478

Tomgirl Live at a Japanese Tea Room

Logging in Second Life today, I found it was time for Tomgirl's rap show.
So I teleported to the venue that was, to my surprise, a Japanese tearoom.
Tomgirl was rapping on a tatami mat, which was a sight of fusion
of japanese culture and the Western culture.
In fact, the audiences came from various countries including Japan and U.S.A.

The music was awesome.
I know some of here repertories but all of them were played
with new arrangements with superb rhythms.
All of us enjoyed the show very much.


If you miss her show today, I do recommend you to go see her show next time. :-)

Feb 6, 2011

Made a "Fan Page" on Facebook

I made an official facebook page or so-called "fan page" on my facebook.
This is where my blogs, twits, flickr photos are gathered
and you can also enjoy my music and videos.
The official url for the page is


but I'll be happy if you would visit the following url:


Have fun and please click "Like It!" button if you like it. :)

Feb 5, 2011

Signed in Facebook

I've just signed in Facebook,
hoping to communicate with my friends in Second Life.
But I must learn how to use it. lol


Feb 4, 2011

[Live Event] I'll play for Valentine's Day!

On occasion of Valentine's Day, I'll express love by improvisation on the piano and synthesizers. Please spend Sunday with your lover listening to my soothing music. :)


Hiroshi Kumaki Valentine's Day Live
Date and Time: 5:00 am Sunday 13th February 2011
Place: Aquarium Cosmic Tree, Exhara

Feb 2, 2011

Burnal Equinox!

It was an exciting mail,
telling me Burn 2.0 committee is going to have a spring festivity
called Burnal Equinox from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March this year
like Spring Fling last year.

Yes, it was a very exciting experience last year.
(Please see here for details. :) )
So I have decided to be a part of this festivity
with winds Seiling's Yokohama Marching Band.

Schedule and other details have not yet been fixed
so please come back to my blog to be updated.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again on the playa
in Burnal Spring in March. :)