Feb 15, 2011

Signed in Avination

First of all, it was yumix Writer.
She wrote in her diary that she bought another sim.
It was not until I read the detail I found it was not about Second Life
but about Avination, another virtual world based on OpenSim.

Yes, I remember.
Haruki Yifu recently wrote about Avination consecutively.
So the name was recorded in my mind.
I thought yumix's buying a land in Avination
would attract many Japanese residents in Second Life....

Then, it was winds Seiling.
She also wrote in her diary that she made a foot spa
in the land yumix bought.

Yes, I remember.
In 2007 many Japanese people signed in Second Life
and gathered at a foot spa in Ikebukuro.
(The foot spa in Ikebukuro is still one of the most crowded hangaout.
It's called "Ashiyu" in Japanese.)
I thought winds making a foot spa
would attract even more Japanese residents in Second Life.

And finally, yumix uploaded a video about her land in Avination on YouTube.
Seeing the video, I found many people I know well.
They were playing very happily.
Yes, seeing the video, I could not but sign in Avination. lol

But, logging in Avination, I found many beautiful ladies there
and the default avatar of mine was so clunky
I went for shopping to buy my shape, skin, hair and, of course, outfits.
And here's my picture in Avination. lol


Thus my days in Avination have begun.

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