May 10, 2009

I'll Play 20 Hours This Year!

It's been a week since the 6-day Niseko Radio Festival.
In that radio program, kenmi Lomu announced
this year's Niseko 24-Hour Radio.
Yes, I was about this time last year
Sena Pinklady was running to gather signatures
to make the 24-Hour Radio come true in SL
and kenmi, decided to launch the program,
asked me to write music for it....

24-Hour Radio 2009 will be larger in scale!
It will be broadcast from a cottage in real Niseko, Hokkaido
and motimoti Campese from Step Up!, a very popular band in SL,
to give a live performance there.
So it will be actually a TV show, not a radio,
that will be broadcast on the Internet and in Second Life. :)
Oh, I got excited to know these plans and I can hardly wait!

I might not be in real Niseko with them,
but of course I will participate in the program some way.
Yes, as kenmi host the show for 24 hours,
I will give a 20-hour live performance in SL to encourage him.
The exact time and place will be announced later
when the details of the program is fixed.

And, as the radio program includes the live images of real Niseko
through Stickam,
My 20-hour live will also be broadcast through Stickam.
Thus the program will cover and be broadcast in
both real life and Second Life.
You can enjoy it in Second Life, on the Internet
and even at the real Niseko!

Got excited?
Yeah, I'm excited myself.
So please check out this 24-hour radio program
on 27-28 June, 2009! :)

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