May 16, 2009

Fantastic Stage Now on YouTube

2 weeks have been passed
since the collaborative show with naturalway Flow....
I'm very happy to know my friends fully enjoyed the show,
saying "It was wonderful! I would like to see it again!"
As a matter of fact, it was the two of us who enjoyed most. :)
So naturalway and I are beginning to feel
like giving this show on a regular basis, not as a singular event,
and showing it as one of the SL6B events....

As I was playing live,
I am always unable to take pictures of my own stage,
But, wow! someone took a video of that fantastic show!
With his permission, I edited the video,
entitled it as "Vision Quest" and uploaded on YouTube.

Those who enjoyed the show to the spot
and those who missed the show,
I would be happy if all of you would enjoy this movie. :)

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