Sep 2, 2018

(Real Life) Next Generation Messenger App "Robin" Introduced!

It has been so long since I last posted to this blog.
Some of you might know my regular performances as anniversary concerts or Burn 2 live
because the information of my gig have been posted on my Facebook page:

Yes! I am still living and acting in Second Life.
After 10 years of my experience in the virtual world,
now I have been embarking on another platform of the next generation.
Today, let me introduce you to a new messenger app called "Robin."

・App Store

・Google Play


Just another new messenger app?
You do not need it because you have WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat or Line?
Well, it is not just another messenger app.
Just hold down the chat text, Robin instantly translates it
to one of more than 50 languages you have specified (as you see the picture in the middle)
and you can also specify the time when the text is deleted from your client,
from your friend's client and from the server as well (on the right).
But, in addition to those wonderful features, Robin brings you money.
The conversation you make with your friends using this app
will earn you a "chat point" or CP everyday
and that CP can be converted to a cryptocurrency called "GBT", which is one US dollar worth.

Well, there are so many fishy talks about cryptocurrencies
but, I think, the point is how many places accept the currency and how many people use it.
A currency is valuable because it is "current" in our everyday life.
As a matter of fact, GBT is a token of RIA coin,
which allows exchange with other cryptocurrencies,
and the places we can use everyday life is now being prepared.


As a first shot, a flea market app called "Exchange Market" has been released in Japan.
Unlike eBay auction style, a buyer can buy an item at a fixed price.
When a seller sets a price in Japanese yen, it is automatically calculated to a GBT price.
When the buyer buys the item, they specifies their GBT wallet
and when the transaction is done, the buyer gets a business point or BP,
which can also be exchanged to GBT.
Of course, the transaction amount is transferred to the sellers GBT wallet.
Thus, the actual economic activities are done only in the cryptocurrency GBT,
not using the legal currencies as Japanese yen or US dollar.

This is a new way of our economic life and, to get a currency you use there,
all you need to do is having a chat with your friends using Robin app!
Why don't you start it with me?
First of all, download the app from the link below.
If you use iPhone, the link will lead you to App Store and, if Android, to Google Play.

Download link:


When you first start Robin app, press "Register"
and you will find three member types in the next screen.
Be sure to select "FREE MEMBER" so you can get CP and translation feature.
For your information, "USER" cannot get CP and translation feature
and "REP MEMBER" is for a representative member who earns a commission
on propagating the users of this app.
When you select "FREE MEMBER" and press "Next," fill in your personal information
but, on top of that, you will find "Please fill the introducer ID" box.
Be sure to fill my ID below:

Introducer ID: A3348932

When you are done with your personal information, press "Confirm."
Then a verification code will be sent to the email address you specified.
When you enter the verification code and press "Confirm,"
you are prompted to enter your cell phone number.
Before pressing "Confirm" button, please be sure you can receive SMS messages
because the final authorization code will be sent via SMS to your cell phone.
When you enter the authorization code you receive via SMS
you can log in Robin SNS.

If you are not sure how to register, contact me directly via Twitter, Facebook
or email
And, if you are interested in becoming a representative member, please also contact me directly.

Finally, when you have registered Robin app, please let me know
via Twitter, Facebook or email because you may not be able to find me and I either.
I am looking forward to having fun communicating using this app
and embarking on a journey to a next generation platform!

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