Mar 11, 2009

You Can Watch My Live Here!

Many hear about Second Life, but most of them have not entered
the World and do not know what it would be like.
This is one of the reasons I have been trying to broadcast
my inworld live performance to the real world.
When I first became a resident of Second Life,
it seemed very difficult to broadcast inworld event to real
and vise versa.
But now, Ustream or Stickam enable us to broadcast ourselves
with web browsers only and without any professional instruments!

These days I've been making experiments
on broadcasting my live performance by Ustream.
And now, you can watch it at this site!

On the left of this blog, under "Music & Video,"
You will find my picture playing piano under the sea.
When my gig is broadcast, the picture turns into a live image
and you can enjoy the show without logging in !
By Clicking the image itself, you can watch it
in a larger size by moving to the Ustream site.
Of course, by clicking the Internet radio link below,
you can enjoy the music only, without images.

The schedule will be announced here
prior to the Ustream broadcast,
so please check out this site closely! :)

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